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AFP fosters the development and growth of fundraising professionals and promotes high ethical standards in the fundraising profession.

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Membership has its benefits!

For more than 50 years, AFP has been the standard-bearer for professionalism in fundraising. Join AFP to enjoy professional benefits that can build your career …

For more information about the world’s largest community of charitable fundraisers, visit

Additional benefits you’ll receive when you join the Association of Fundraising Professionals:

Information and research: When you join AFP, you gain access to our password-protected Membership Directory as well as to AFPI's library services, publications, and research so that you can keep up-to-date on the latest information on fundraising practices.

Professional development: Membership provides access to continuing education opportunities offered locally and through the International Headquarters. Members receive discounts on registration fees.

Membership Scholarships

Recognizing there are individuals who would like to be members of the AFP Northeast Ohio Chapter but whose organizations may have difficulty paying the annual membership fees, the Chapter is pleased to announce scholarships for those with demonstrated need and an interest in being active in the Chapter.

Click here for the membership scholarship application.

Please call 330-329-2472 or email for more information.

Membership Categories & Pricing

For more information about each of these membership levels, visit the membership page on the AFP website. Click on your preferred membership level for that application.

Frequently asked questions about AFP membership …

Does my membership belong to me, or to the organization I work for?

It depends on the type of membership that you join. If you are a Professional, Young Professional, Global eMember, Collegiate or Associate member, the membership is yours and goes with you if you leave an organization. The Nonprofit Organizational Membership for both large and small organizations, and the Executive Circle Business Membership or Endorser Business Membership belongs to the organization or company. If an employee leaves, the organization may replace the name of the designated member. New members still need to fill out a membership application and sign their adherence to the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards.

Does my membership stay with me if I switch organizations?

If you are in one of the individual membership categories, the membership goes with you if you switch organizations.

What if I am retiring?

If you have been an AFP member for the past 5 years, check your membership renewal invoice and indicate the change to the Retired Member category. If you prefer, you can call AFP membership services at 800-666-3863.

Can I join just the local Chapter?

AFPI does not permit this. When a member joins AFP, he or she joins both the international organization and a local chapter. Thus, a member pays both the annual and local dues to the International Headquarters, which then reimburses your local dues to the local chapter.

How much are annual dues?

Your membership dues depend on the type of membership applicable to you. Members must self-assess to determine the type of membership for which they are eligible. Prospective members should self-determine the category of membership, and renewing members should review and reassess membership categories. Click here for descriptions of the categories available to you. From the dues you send to AFP International, the AFP Northeast Ohio Chapter will receive $25-$35, depending on the membership level you choose.

What if I want to be a member of two different chapters?

That's very easy to do. Simply call AFP International at 800-666-3863 and tell them which chapters you want to join. You will need to pay for one AFP membership plus the chapter dues for both chapters (the AFPNEO chapter dues are $35).

How long does my membership last?

Your membership lasts 12 months, starting in the month you officially become a member.

Do you have further questions? Email them to


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